Do I Need a Life Coach? Quiz

Do I Need a Life Coach? Quiz

Have you ever wondered what’s been keeping you from doing the things you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe you’ve been seeking the perfect relationship, striving for financial abundance, or hoping to manage your anxiety so it stops managing you. Sometimes we simply get in our own way. If you’ve ever longed for something that felt out of reach, perhaps its time to start working with a coach. Take our ‘Do I need a life coach’ quiz to see if the only thing you’ve been missing is some help.

‘Do I Need a Life Coach’ Quiz

How easy is it for you to keep yourself motivated?

  1. I’m the worst.
  2. Meh, it depends on what it is, I guess.
  3. I can stay pretty engaged when I need to.
  4. I’m motivated for everything all the time! LET’S DO THIS!

If you find yourself to be low on motivation, congratulations for taking this self-care quiz at all. Taking a pause in your life to self-reflect is commendable, even if you find it to be a struggle.

Motivation is a crucial component to getting what you want in life, so if you can’t keep your eye on the prize, it may be time to get support from someone who can help you tap into your incentives. If you’re motivated for everything all the time, you might not be prioritizing your needs properly and may end up overworked and depleted. See how a life coach can help you minimize the noise and find your true focus.

How organized are you generally?

  1. What does “organized” mean?
  2. Things pile up more and more every day.
  3. I have some clutter, but there’s room for me to move around.
  4. My house looks like a museum.

Organization is simply about energy expenditure. If you’re not organized at all, then when you attempt to complete tasks toward your goals, you have to expend more energy to prepare.

If you’re organized to the point that there’s an echo in your home, you may be spending too much time worrying about how things look and less about how they function, removing you from what you’ve set out to achieve (unless having your home featured in a magazine is a goal you’re trying to reach!).

So, you know you struggle with motivation and organization, but how are your interpersonal skills? Keep taking our Do You Need a Life Coach Quiz to find out!

How much would you say you understand your emotional experiences?

  1. Oh, I don’t do feelings.
  2. I think I know what my emotions are; I just don’t really know how to control them.
  3. I’m pretty into self-awareness; I am taking a life coach quiz, after all.
  4. When you Google “enlightenment,” my picture comes up.

We know you hate to hear it, but this is a self-care quiz, so buckle up: your emotions hold more knowledge than you think. If you’re confused about why it’s taking you so long to reach your goal, the answer may be in your feelings. Are you afraid of failing? Or better yet, afraid of succeeding and finally getting everything you’ve ever wanted? Maybe you’re feeling grief over the version of yourself that has to vanish in order for the new you to appear. Your feelings are valid, but they don’t have to control you. A life coach can help you engage with these feelings and let them empower you, not control you.

How well do you communicate your needs and desires to others?

  1. I yell a lot, does that count?
  2. I avoid honesty at all costs.
  3. I guess I can have an awkward conversation if I REALLY have to.
  4. I may as well have a master’s degree in Interpersonal Effectiveness.

How well you communicate can impact your work productivity, your personal relationships, and your ability to chase your dreams. You know this; that’s why you’re taking our Do I Need a Life Coach Quiz. Asking the right questions, advocating for yourself, and setting boundaries out of self-respect are all necessary for living the life you want. Even the best of us can trip up when it truly counts, because the things worth chasing are the ones that scare us the most. Don’t let communication be your obstacle.

So, now that our life coach quiz has shown you the truth, let YesGurus find you a coach tailored to get you moving toward your goals. Don’t wait to make lasting changes in your life.