About YesGurus

About YesGurus

What We Do

YesGurus LogoAt YesGurus, our mission is to be Agents of Change. Okay okay, we know that sounds highfalutin; but we don’t care. We’re dreamers. And we believe the world can change for the better, and that change starts small, on the individual level, with each one of us changing little by little, day by day, for the better.

As Agents of Change, YesGurus aims to provide a gateway to positive progress for anyone willing to take a step along the courageous inward journey. We curate content, find events, and seek out high-level coaches for our subscribers interested in learning more about themselves and making a positive change within and ultimately in the world around them.

Our Mission: To connect every person with the right coach and the right information to help manifest the life you truly desire.

Why We Do It

We don’t believe that positive change and progress can be obtained by finding some new diet or the next great investment or that perfect relationship. We know that change — true change, lasting change — happens within. Within each of us. This change doesn’t occur overnight; it cannot be bought or sold or switched on with a magic pill or a 30-minute exercise. True change takes effort, motivation, and an optimistic outlook on how life can be better.

This change happens through personal development, which can be facilitated by a variety of tools, such as professional coaching, self-improvement events and workshops, and inspiring, interesting, useful content. We truly believe in the power of coaching and content. Our founders, as you can read below, have been on their own decades-long journeys of self-discovery, personal growth, and improvement. This journey never ends, it can be lifelong and ever-fulfilling.

We are inspired every day to help anyone who wants help, to do our little part in improving this world…one courageous individual at a time.

Who We Are

Chris Kay, Founder

Chris Kay is an executive & personal development coach and a certified NLP practitioner. In addition to being a lifelong student of personal development, he holds a marketing degree from the University of Phoenix. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and adviser in the areas of technology and fashion. For over 12 years, Chris has been involved in various aspects of the personal development space and is a platinum partner with the Tony Robbins organization. Chris believes strongly in the power of coaching for self-development. He is extremely excited to bring his talents for marketing and technology into the personal development industry. His passionate mission: To inspire people around the globe through the YesGurus platform. You can learn more about Chris at ChrisKay.com

Have any questions? Please contact us with your curiosities or comments. We always love to hear feedback. We salute you and your courage.