Anxiety Coaching

Anxiety Coaching

Do you find yourself overcome with worry more often than not, imagining only the worst will always happen? Do you find that this pervasive angst keeps you from enjoying your life to the fullest? An anxiety coach may be able to help.

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What Is an Anxiety Coach?

As you probably know (since you’re still reading this), anxiety can create a state of ongoing distress which leads to avoidance of life’s daily ‘good stuff’ out of overwhelming fear of the bad. It makes us think in a dread-filled, apprehensive manner which then dictates our behaviors accordingly.

If you suffer from these feelings, getting anxiety self-help can be truly liberating. An anxiety coach can help you redirect those actions to something more empowering and productive, so you can take back your life and start making decisions out of joy and not fear.

Who Gets Anxiety Coaching?

Anyone looking to get anxiety self-help can benefit from these services. If you’ve continued to struggle with following your dreams because of your anxious feelings, you can benefit from learning about the science behind them and why they’re seemingly in charge of your life.

Why Is Anxiety Coaching Important?

Going it alone can be tricky for most people, but because anxiety is such the pervasive mind game, it’s helpful to have an objective source of validation that can help you see when negative internal beliefs are getting the best of you. Having a coach walk you through identifying your life goals and addressing specifically the fears that cause your apprehension helps increase your likelihood of success.

An anxiety coach will also remain your partner throughout the process and hold you accountable to the actions you agreed upon as being the points of change. That way, it’s not just you versus your anxiety; it becomes two against one, with the numbers on your side.

What Can I Expect from the Process?

If you find your anxiety about working with a coach is getting in the way, let us help relieve some of the fear. Your coach will understand your apprehension, as he or she has expertise in the ways that anxiety can overcome us.

You will work one on one with your coach. Your first session will likely be a conversation in which the coach asks open- and closed-ended questions to get to know you and your anxiety more. You’ll work together to outline what it is you want for your future; what goals do you have that anxiety has been blocking you from?

Then you’ll work together on a plan of action that you can implement into your daily life to begin chipping away at your anxiety’s hold on you. Your coach will be there to check in with when trouble arises. You won’t have to go it alone.

How Is Anxiety Coaching Unlike Therapy?

While a therapist can also help you find anxiety relief through a thorough examination of your emotional past, a coach can help you get there by focusing on future-facing actions. By taking your avoidant behaviors and leaning into them, you begin to build a mastery over what once controlled you.

A coach can help you train your mind and body to be more present in the moment and worry less about the unknown future. An anxiety coach will also help challenge some of those “catastrophizing” thoughts that lead you to immediately believe the worst of every situation.

Some clients use anxiety coaching in conjunction with therapy so that they can both understand their underlying emotions while taking measurable actions to overcome them on the surface.

Why continue living under the weight of your anxiety? YesGurus can find you a coach tailored to meet your individual needs so you can start feeling anxiety relief.

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