How to Create Your Own Wealth Lifestyle

How to Create Your Own Wealth Lifestyle

What does it mean to have a wealth lifestyle? Wealth means having enough resources to spend your time how you so choose. Building a lifestyle that accommodates your desires and impulses might sound too good to be true – but is it? Is there a way for you to switch up some lifestyle choices and live from a place of comfortable wealth?

How to Manifest a Wealth Lifestyle

You might have spent a long time in life wondering how to buy happiness. And maybe you’ve been told that’s not something that can ever happen. But making some lifestyle changes might be the only thing required for you to achieve the wealth lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some ways to change up your day-to-day routes, reach for bigger goals, and shape your discipline to foster the lifestyle you’re after.

Generate Two Incomes

Anyone who has already achieved a wealth lifestyle will tell you one of the biggest secrets is having passive income. This means that, while you might not be working a full-time job, you’re making money from another source without having to put in long hours and hard work. If you’re able to get three or more streams of income, you’ll be living it up in your wealth lifestyle in no time.

Connect With Successful People

Wealth mastery is something you can learn from watching others who do it well. Of course, hobnobbing with the wealthy is not as easy as, say, meeting someone on Tinder; but if you learn the wealth mindset and start living accordingly, you never know who might end up in your network. From there, momentum is sure to build.


As we already know, a wealth lifestyle requires additional streams of income, and one way to ramp up the amount of money you have coming in is to invest wisely. Often, how much you save and invest can be more important than how much you actually make each month in income. If you’re able to save and invest over time, your paycheck won’t be as critical to your daily lifestyle. One easy way to ensure you’re putting aside enough money to invest is to make your savings deposits automatic. Banks make it easy to make monthly payments to your own accounts from your checking, so whenever paychecks start to add up, the bank can do the work for you so you don’t have to worry about remembering or resisting temptation.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

What is real wealth? It’s a mindset. It’s behaviors and actions that you might not entirely be used to. If you’ve worked your whole life living paycheck to paycheck, the idea of living a wealth lifestyle probably feels foreign and maybe even a little scary. Yes, scary. Even though it sounds like a dream to have so much money you can do whatever you want, we can get in our heads about these things. What if I get used to the lifestyle and I lose it all? Isn’t that worse than never having it in the first place? Some people think that those who are rich are spoiled or selfish. Some people think having lots of money is a big risk. We have all sorts of hang-ups about money, and even though we covet it and know what kind of freedom it can provide us, we still keep ourselves stuck with these fears. Be willing to think and act differently than you are now.

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Think Big

Similarly to how you have to step outside of your comfort zone, it’s important to think big. Get your goals up, ramp up your expectations, and be up for any challenge that comes your way. Without seeing yourself in the big leagues, you might not make it there. If you’re struggling to get past some of these limiting beliefs, browse YesGurus’ library of inspiring self-help so you can do the work on a better future.

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Author: Vanessa Rose

Vanessa is a psychotherapist and writer who enjoys wandering aimlessly around Los Angeles in her free time. With a background in business, she embraces how structure and goals can significantly support the journey into the wild west of psychological exploration. Always curious about self-improvement and emotional expansion, Vanessa also manages her own website which explores the unconscious motivations of eating disorders in women.

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