8 Ways to Rekindle a Relationship: How to Fix a Broken Relationship

8 Ways to Rekindle a Relationship: How to Fix a Broken Relationship

For you love birds out there who feel like you’re losing your way, you might be looking for tips on how to rekindle a relationship. It can be challenging once the initial period of romance fades away, but we have some tips on how to get the spark back.

How to Rekindle a Relationship

Relationships can be tricky. They start out feeling like magic but eventually that magic fades. It’s the natural order of things. But if you’re looking to add some spark back into your evolving relationship, here are some tips.

1. Date Night

Make time for each other when you can focus on the relationship and not any of the distractions you face every day. Take some time to wine and dine each other in whatever kind of date setting you both enjoy, even if it isn’t literally wining and dining. Put aside one night when you can make each other the priority and re-explore each other.

2. Fair Fighting

Arguments will come up, of course, and when they do, remain respectful and fair. This is basic relationship advice. Allow yourself to be heard in a way that doesn’t demean or blame your partner. Be gentle in your body language, validate what your partner is saying regardless of whether or not you agree, appear interested, make eye contact, and lose the distractions. Avoid criticism and instead lead with curiosity.

3. Have More Sex

You already know how to rekindle love: Initiate sex more frequently. This is especially helpful if it’s been a while since the last time you were intimate. This can be vulnerable, especially for couples who are finding themselves further and further apart. If you’re feeling weird about initiating sex, let your partner know. Not talking about intimacy issues is a common barrier that grows quickly between partners, and most people find talking about sex to be more intimate than actually having sex.

4. Learn New Things

Reading this is a great start because it means you’re looking for information on how to make improvements in your life. YesGurus has more content where this came from, and it can help enlighten your inner romantic or, better yet, spark the desire for self-help.

5. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Try leaving your comfort zone for a bit and change up the scenery. Take a trip or have an adventure and see if you really know your partner the way you think you do. Bond over new experiences and share in your excitement while also getting to know new things about this person in a completely new and uncontrolled environment.

6. Laugh Together

The best relationship advice I’ve heard was to just have fun. Take a break from trying to fix things, put some space between you and reality, and just enjoy each other’s company. Go to a comedy club and laugh together, go dancing, go hiking, spend the day at the beach, or find a roller rink to fall around in together.

7. Flirt!

If you want to know how to rekindle a relationship, go back to when your relationship was really on fire. Make subtle eyes from across the room, whisper sweet nothings into the ear, or find a way to brush up against the person gently when others are around. You know how to be excited over each other; you’ve done it before, so just go back to basics and see what you find.

8. Be Sentimental

I can hear some of you groaning already, but offering up some kind words about what you appreciate about your partner can really help build intimacy. It’s possible that after a long relationship filled with real-life stressors, your partner doesn’t know how you feel anymore. Being romantic is a simple tip for how to rekindle love.

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Author: Vanessa Rose

Vanessa is a psychotherapist and writer who enjoys wandering aimlessly around Los Angeles in her free time. With a background in business, she embraces how structure and goals can significantly support the journey into the wild west of psychological exploration. Always curious about self-improvement and emotional expansion, Vanessa also manages her own website which explores the unconscious motivations of eating disorders in women.

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