Conscious Manifestation: 10 Principles for Making Your Dreams Reality

Conscious Manifestation: 10 Principles for Making Your Dreams Reality

Conscious manifestation is when we create positive outcomes through deliberate decisions and actions. We often underestimate the degree of control we have over our reality. However, when we reflect honestly on our experiences, both the good and the bad, we can often pinpoint conscious decisions we did or did not make that had more influence than we initially believed. Conscious manifestation is about maximizing that influence to shape our reality in positive ways.

Ten Principles of Conscious Manifestation

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that the nature of our thoughts presents itself in life experiences, and that positive ideals bring about positive experiences and vice versa. The Law of Attraction states that we should make an active effort to populate our minds with positive thoughts.

Constant Reflection

Reflect after every major occurrence. Assess the power of manifestation in each one. Note the conscious steps that shaped the experience, whether positively or negatively. Keeping a journal is an excellent idea.

Celebrate Your Victories

To make better use of the power of manifestation, we must rework many deeply rooted mental habits. That’s why it’s important to reward ourselves for our successes. Doing so will help you replace counterproductive habits with useful ones.

Prioritize Productive Thoughts

There is nothing harmful about reflecting on negative experiences. However, we often focus singularly on the aspects that made them uncomfortable or painful. It’s important to make note of them without ruminating. Knowing how to redirect ourselves to productive thoughts is one of the most useful manifestation techniques.

Critically Assess the Validity of Your Feelings

Sometimes, we get flooded with emotions while making a decision. When this happens, mentally remove yourself from the situation and ask, “Are these feelings a reflection of the truth or of my insecurities?”

Specify Clear Goals You Can Put Into Writing

Conscious manifestation requires specific goals, down to the details. Otherwise, how can we make wise decisions? Try putting your goals into writing. If you find yourself struggling, spend more time clarifying your desires.

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

With only an outsider’s perspective, we lack the mental context necessary to fully understand the experiences of others. Fair comparisons, therefore, are impossible to make. So focus instead on the conscious decisions you need to make to bring about the results you hope to see. It’s a deeply personal exercise, so treat it as such.

Remember the Context of Your Successes

Make note of the contextual details of the situation and environment that helped you make intelligent decisions and take the necessary actions. Where were you? Who were you with? How was your emotional state? Identifying and replicating these factors are key manifestation techniques.

You Can’t Control Others

Remember, the power of manifestation lies in the capacity to choose your own attitudes and actions, not those of others. So if your goal involves other people, as they often do, focus your efforts on your side of interactions. Make conscious decisions about those you choose to surround yourself with and how you treat them.

Learning to Use the Power of Manifestation Takes Time

The purpose of conscious manifestation is to empower individuals to take ownership of their experiences. Honing this skill demands a significant amount of change in our thought processes, attitudes, and habits. So if you ever find yourself getting frustrated, take a step back and remember that most skills worth having need a great deal of time and patience to develop.

Conscious manifestation is a powerful tool for achieving our goals. Understandably, it’s also difficult to master. If you’re interested in improving your life with this and other valuable skills, YesGurus can match you with a coach who will personally guide you through your development.

Author: Jason Kim

Jason Kim is a multidisciplinary writer living in Los Angeles, California. He earned his bearings in Psychology at the University of California – Berkeley, where he studied under forerunners in the field and conducted research on various topics, including sleep and mood disorders and social dynamics. There is nothing he enjoys more than writing pieces that improve the lives of his readers.

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