Life Coaching FAQs

Life Coaching FAQs

Diving into personal change can be scary and overwhelming. If you have questions about the process, you’re not alone. Our life coaching FAQs are designed to put your mind at ease about what to expect when working with a life coach.

Life Coaching FAQS

Should you hire a life coach? Read on for details:

What does a life coach do?
Life coaches empower you as you navigate your personal aspirations in life. They can help you realize your potential in relationships, personal development, business, finances, and myriad other important aspects of your life. Life coaches work with you to identify what goals you’ve been wanting to reach but have been struggling with. You work collaboratively to lay out a plan of action, including steps you can take that will create impactful movement toward your goals. Throughout the process, you identify roadblocks so that they can be managed and overcome. Your life coach holds you accountable to the plan of action, helping to keep your head in the game and ensuring you’re not all alone when the going gets tough.

If you’re tired of doing all the things you’re “supposed to” do and none of the things you actually feel passionate about, working with a life coach can get you back in the driver’s seat of your life. They can help you identify your responsibilities and your desires and allow them to enhance each other toward positive change in your life.

What kind of people see a life coach?
Anyone looking to empower herself and bring about long-lasting change may use a life coach. If you’re committed to living your wildest dreams, a life coach can be a beneficial resource.

Should you hire a life coach? Well, if you’re asking that, I think you already know the answer. Any time we wonder if something is right for us, that’s some part of us saying, “Do it! Don’t be scared!”

What should I expect during my time working with a life coach?
Your coach will begin with questions in order to get to know you, your desires, and what’s been holding you back until now. You’ll have sessions with your coach in which you outline common roadblocks and work together to troubleshoot them, creating a plan in which you begin taking daily action toward your desired outcomes.

Your coach sticks by you throughout the process, checking in to make sure you’re taking those necessary actions and not letting emotional blocks slow you down instead. This is immensely helpful because it’s at this stage of the goal-reaching process that things become difficult, and the road can seem lonely. But having the encouragement of a life coach when those pesky emotions start to creep in can make all the difference between you declaring what your goals are and actually reaching them.

What are the benefits of working with a coach?
Having someone who is solely dedicated to helping you reach your most desired goals is a pretty big benefit. Life coaches assess your deepest desires while suspending judgment and utilizing empathy and encouragement to keep you focused on taking the right actions toward the life you want to be living.

Is life coaching different from therapy/counseling?
Coaching and therapy are similar in that both provide support as you discover your best self; however, a therapist typically doesn’t focus solely on achieving life goals that you want to reach. In therapy, there is typically deeper processing, especially in the case of past trauma or mental illness. A life coach, on the other hand, is focused on actionable steps toward change. A coach holds you accountable for taking the actions you both determine will be necessary to reach your goals, offering encouragement along the way and serving as a partner as you embark upon this journey.

Some clients work with top life coaches and therapists at the same time to maximize results, tending to the emotional undertow while remaining steadfast about the day-to-day actions they can take toward their future.

What’s the benefit of online coaching?
Working with a coach in person can be rewarding, but for those who offer online services, expect flexibility, accessibility, and affordability.

Working with a coach online limits travel restrictions and makes your time together as comfortable and convenient as possible. Online coaching also makes your time with your coach more accessible, so you can reach out when you need to or during time frames established by you both collaboratively.

How much does coaching cost?
The cost of a session varies depending on the coach you work with. Let YesGurus help you find the one that best fits your needs while hooking you up with a free initial session, so you can get meaningful answers to your questions without breaking the bank.

How long should I commit to working with a coach?
This is a question best answered by your coach when you decide what it is you’re hoping to accomplish in your work together. The real question is: how much time are you willing to invest in yourself to tackle whatever meaningful experiences arise for you?

Coaching is not a magic pill meant to make your problems go away overnight. This is a process meant to enhance your personal development to make positive, long-lasting changes in your life. Anything designed to last a while tends to require some of your time. But the journey is unknown, and so is its length. Get your free consultation with a life coach through YesGurus for a more personalized answer.

Shouldn’t I be able to reach my goals without help?
Help isn’t a bad thing, and knowing when to ask for it actually shows great strength. You can probably make strides toward your ideal self without a coach, yes, but you’re more likely to reach higher ground if you work with a professional who can keep you on course.

Let’s face it, we get in our way sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. Our internal mythology tells us we’re not good enough to reach our dreams, or that getting everything we’ve ever desired is a frightening unknown not worth the risk. Give yourself the opportunity to override those thoughts with the help of someone who knows how.

Ditch the narrative that, with just a little hard work, you can have everything you’ve dreamed of. Working smarter is the real path to success, so educating yourself on how to make more thoughtful decisions seems like the best investment you can make.

Why does coaching seem to deliver such rapid results?
Life coaches typically return quick results when working with clients because they remain focused on the future goals you’ve decided are most important to you. They support you in taking direct action to make small steps, which accumulate quickly with momentum and motivation. But don’t take this opportunity for granted. The results you get from coaching depend on how much work you’re willing to put into the process.

Is my work with my life coach confidential?
Yes. While your coach may love to get some feedback from you when your work is through so that future clients know what to expect, he will not share your personal information with others.

Can I get self-help material that gives me more information on the philosophy of life coaching and goal-setting?
Yes! At YesGurus, we curate content from top life coaches for you to read and/or watch that gives you the inspiration you need to keep moving and making lasting changes in your life. Get instant access to this content by signing up on our quick, short form and see what kind of living awaits.

How do I start feeling better and create more meaning in my life?
That’s easy. Sign up with YesGurus and be connected to top life coaches that are hand-selected to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Have more questions we didn’t answer in our life coaching FAQs? Why not let YesGurus find you the perfect coach for your needs and uncover the answers on your journey to positive, long-lasting change?