Life Coaching

Life Coaching

If you’ve been curious about the process of working with an in-person or online life coach but never knew where to begin, let us give you a peek on the inside.

Life Coaching Services – What Are They?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, What do life coaches do? Or maybe you asked yourself how working with a life coach is better than just trying to reach your goal through your own ambition. Your relationship with your life coach will help you achieve your goals through:

Life coaches identify a plan of action for you to engage with in order to reach your goals. But they don’t just hand you a to-do list and send you on your way. Life coaches check in with their clients to ensure the work is being done and that any obstacles that arise in the process are being addressed as they happen. The path to personal growth is a long one, and major change doesn’t happen overnight. So, it’s helpful to have a partner on the journey keeping you on track when it starts to feel like things are working against you.

Sometimes the worst place to be is too close. And if there’s anything we’re too close to, it’s ourselves. Having an online life coach can be helpful because this person sees you from an objective point of view. In other words, life coaches don’t know you on a personal level, and all of the quirks and self-doubt that stand in your way are not even a blip on their radars. Sometimes our observations and judgments about ourselves can get in the way of us seeing our true potential. Life coaches swoop in to silence that noise, helping to encourage and motivate you toward awakening your dreams.

Coaches are trained and skilled at knowing what you need to do to work smarter, not harder. Their expertise adds a kind of insight to your experience that you couldn’t have alone. These coaches have helped others reach goals similar to yours, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Many people find that results appear more quickly with the aid of a life coach because of the knowledge he or she can share.

What Kind of People Get a Life Coach?

All kinds! Athletes, musicians, artists, business owners, corporate executives, and therapists, just to name a few. Life coaching services help those who are confused about their life paths as much as those who know exactly what they’re looking for. Anyone seeking to improve his or her life can benefit from working with a life coach.

Is Coaching Like Therapy?

You might be wondering if there’s a difference between an online life coach and a therapist. The answer is yes! Let us break it down for you:

In therapy, you can expect a much longer process. Therapists don’t necessarily focus on one particular goal you’d like to reach by the end of the year but rather a more complex emotional system where past traumas and old experiences are processed.

Coaching aims to target high-level goals and unpack what has stopped you from reaching them until now. This may include an exploration of emotional material blocking you on your path, but it’s going to be directive, solution-oriented, and based on specific actions you can take to overcome problems.

Does this help satisfy that little voice asking, What do life coaches do? Now that you’re an expert on the process, let us help you identify the right life coaching services for your needs at YesGurus.