What Is a Life Coach?

What Is a Life Coach?

You have your sights set on an amazing life for yourself, one with abundance in all areas. It’s exciting to think about, but when it comes to turning those dreams into a reality, you’ve been struggling. It happens to the best of us, but there is help. If you’ve ever asked, what is a life coach?, your inner dreamer may be calling out for you to get that help and start working with one.

What Is a Life Coach?

A life or lifestyle coach is someone who works with you to overcome the biggest obstacles standing between you and your goals. She helps you address emotional pitfalls, self-doubt, and a lack of clarity that may be slowing down progress – or halting it altogether.

Life coaches help those seeking improvements in romantic relationships, career, health and wellness, finance, or entrepreneurship. A lifestyle coach can help you identify specific and measurable goals and encourage you to do something every day in order to reach those goals. Life coaches support and encourage their clients and always champion for their success.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

You may be wondering, what does a life coach do in order to help you reach your most desired goals? Life coaches remain clear and structured in the way they help you realize your dreams. They start by getting to know you, what makes you tick, what makes you sing, and what’s been holding you back until now. They help you identify, as clearly and specifically as possible, what goals you want to achieve and in what timeline. They help you make these goals measurable so that you can track your progress and note times when you may be veering off course.

Your life coach then helps you implement a plan that has you taking daily actions toward your goal. They’re not interested in altering your behaviors, per se, or even getting into the nitty-gritty of your emotional past. They want to stay future-focused and concentrate on what actions can help you move out of your rut. Your coach sticks with you throughout your time together. They’re available for check-ins and to offer their support for those moments when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Why Work with a Life Coach?

If you find it challenging to stay motivated at all times, you’re not alone. It can be challenging to maintain ambition when self-doubt and fear start filling your head with negative thoughts. Life coaches see you objectively; they don’t know all of the terrible things you’ve been thinking about yourself your entire life. They see your strengths and then help you use those strengths to go after what you want.

We’ve all had moments where we wanted to give up, even when facing the potential of getting everything we ever wanted. In fact, sometimes those moments are the scariest and lead us to self-sabotage all the more quickly. A life coach will help you get out of your own way and stop letting feelings of low self-worth or negative judgment keep you from making your dreams a reality.

Is This Like Therapy?

It’s common to wonder if coaching is like counseling, and the answer is that they’re similar but not the same. A counselor or therapist will want to work on unpacking old emotional wounds: things from the past that you’re not ready or willing to open up. Because they tend to focus on the slow unraveling of emotional content, it’s a more gradual process.

Working with a coach, however, tends to get results more quickly, as coaches are trained to really hone in on specific goals and the specific obstacles to them. A coach may address emotional content with you, but only the emotions that are clearly standing between you and your desires. Some clients will see a therapist while working with a life coach to maximize the impact of the experience and tend to both the emotional root and the active surface at the same time.

Can’t I Just Take a Class?

You might be wondering, what is a life coach in comparison to an educator? Or, what can a life coach do that a class or seminar couldn’t already teach me? We find seminars and classes to be helpful; in fact, we curate self-help content at YesGurus to provide you with just that. And sure, you should expect to learn a lot from your life coach as he educates you on the inner workings of anxiety, money myths, or relationships. But what a life coach can do that a class or a book can’t is address your personal needs: the things that impact you specifically but may not be slowing down others.

Life coaches are your ally as you face the fear of becoming who you’ve always known yourself to be. They dedicate themselves to helping you through this transitional phase of your life and not just in a broad, educational way, but in a deeply meaningful, individualized manner. That personalized attention is not something you will get from a class or seminar.

What Can a Life Coach Help Me Improve?

People work with lifestyle coaches to reach many different types of goals, including:

Whatever your heart has been chasing but hasn’t quite been able to catch, a life coach can help you with. When you meet with your life coach for the first time, she will want to get to know you. Use this time to fill her in on what would make you happy. If you’re not sure exactly what goal you need to achieve in order to find your bliss, talk it out with your coach. Let her know where you are in your process, and she will meet you there, helping you to clear out the confusion and work toward clarity and positive action.

When Can I Start Working with a Coach?

Now! A lifestyle coach can help get you freed from the emotional quicksand holding you down and get you on your way to making long-lasting positive changes in your life. Why would you want to wait for that?

YesGurus can find an ideal coach who specializes in helping people with your desires and hopes for a happy life. Once you’re connected with your coach, you can work together on a schedule that fits both of your needs and helps you start working toward your ideal self.

If you’re asking, what is a life coach, now might be the time to find out. Let YesGurus help get you started. We can connect you with a life coach specific to your needs so you can start leaving your struggles behind and seeing your dreams come to life.