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Most frequently asked life coaching questions and answers...

Life coaches empower you to successfully navigate your personal aspirations in life. They can help you realize your potential in relationships, personal development, business, finances, and myriad other important aspects of your life. Life coaches work with you to identify what goals you’ve been wanting to reach but have been struggling with. You work collaboratively to lay out a plan of action, including steps you can take that will create impactful movement toward your goals. Throughout the process, you identify roadblocks so that they can be managed and overcome. Your life coach holds you accountable to the plan of action, helping to keep your head in the game and ensuring you’re not all alone when the going gets tough.

All types of people, from all walks of life have worked with coaches. Anyone looking to empower him or herself and bring about long-lasting change can work with a life coach. If you’re committed to living your wildest dreams, a life coach can be a beneficial resource.

Having someone who is solely dedicated to helping you reach your most desired goals is a pretty big benefit. Life coaches assess your deepest desires while suspending judgment and utilizing practical steps and encouragement to keep you focused on taking the right actions toward the life you want.

Coaching and therapy are similar in that both provide support as you discover your best self; however, a therapist typically doesn’t focus solely on achieving life goals that you want to reach. In therapy, there is usually deeper processing, especially in the case of past trauma or mental illness. A life coach, on the other hand, is focused on actionable steps toward change. A coach holds you accountable for taking the actions you both determine will be necessary to reach your goals, offering encouragement along the way and serving as a partner as you embark upon this journey.

Life coaches typically return quick results when working with clients because they remain focused on future goals you’ve decided are most important to you. They support you in taking direct action to make small steps, which accumulate quickly with momentum and motivation. But don’t take this opportunity for granted. The results you get from coaching depend on how much work you’re willing to put into the process.

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